Ursprünglich sollten die Scary Storys nur eine Englischklassenarbeit ersetzen.

Wir hatten über mehrere Monate Zeit, um uns Gedanken zu machen und eine richtig gruselige Geschichte in englischer Sprache zu schreiben. Damit unsere Werke nach deren Bewertung nicht in unseren Schubladen verschwinden und nie wieder gelesen oder genutzt werden, kam die Idee auf, einen schulweiten Wettbewerb daraus zu machen.

An einem Montag bauten ein paar Schülerinnen und Schüler des Englisch E-Kurses (Stufe 7)  gemeinsam mit Frau Daniel die beiden Wände mit Ausschnitten der zur Wahl stehenden Scary Storys sowie das Wahlbüro im Foyer der Schule auf.

Eine ganze Woche lang konnten die Schülerinnen und Schüler unserer Schule die Ausschnitte durchlesen und jeweils in den großen Pausen für ihren Favoriten abstimmen. Immer je zwei bis drei Schülerinnen und Schüler aus unserem Kurs bildeten das Wahlbüro und führten die Wahlen durch.

Trotz mancher unschöner Zwischenfälle war der Wettbewerb ein Erfolg.

Insgesamt 244 Stimmen wurden abgegeben und folgende drei Scary Storys haben gewonnen:

1. Platz „Jack the Killer“ by Romina Schaaf, 7c          (66 Stimmen)

2. Platz „Europe Express“ by Nils Gyurowath, 7a     (33 Stimmen)

3. Platz „Every Evening“ by Julia Wendland, 7c         (29 Stimmen)

Herzlichen Glückwunsch an die Gewinner und vielen Dank an alle, die am Wettbewerb teilgenommen haben!


Geschrieben von Ella Drost, Englisch E-Kurs Stufe 7            

Europe Express

“Margerine wake up. Give Mom a kiss, we are leaving” said Mrs. Montgomery.  She was a blond skinny woman and  pretty short compared to the giant bedroom. “But Mom, I don’t want to stay with Aunt Lambertson”, said Margerine tiredly. “Sweetheart come! We are going to be late. I’ts already quarter to nine”, shouted Mr. Montgomery. “I am coming. Behave, okay Margerine?” said Mrs. Montgomery. Mr and Mrs Montgomery left their mansion. “Okay, where are we going, Edward?” asked  Mrs. Montgomery to Mr. Montgomery. “You will see.”, responded Mr. Montgomery to her. “Do you think Margerine will be fine?” asked Mrs. Montgomery. “Well, I hope so”, responded Mr. Montgomery while holding both suitcases of his and his wife`s. ”Close your eyes Mary. I am going to lead you. Wait and now open.” “Edward, what are we doing at King’s cross?” asked Mrs. Montgomery. “Catching a train! What were you thinking? Oh, we better look out because there are many people here today. We also better run. Our train is leaving in five minutes.” The two started running down the stairs, over a little bridge, past a burger store, past the big brickwalls and finally they reached platform seven. Mr. Montgomery started running towards a wall between platform seven and eight. Mrs. Montgomery ran after him and both ran through the wall and came out on the other side of it. The hall was quite dark but a few lanterns brightened it up a bit. There were about 20 other witches and wizards standing there with a lot of luggage and also a couple of owls were flying through the air. At the end of the hall there  was a dark tunnel and the black and green steam engine ready for departure. Against one of the four walls there was a pedestal and a house elf was standing on it. He snapped his fingers and suddenly the hall went completely dark with only one lantern still on above the elf. He cleared his throat and said “Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen, I am filling in for the Minister today. He could not come here due to top secret tasks. Anyway, I hope you have a great time in the Europe Express, now please go enter the steam engine.” Whispering ensued and an old wizard could be heard saying that lots of magical creatures were murdered and stolen in the last few weeks.

Finally, when everyone was inside, the Europe Express started moving and right after the departure  a conductor came to the guests and spoke loudly:

“Hello and welcome to the Europe Express. I am your conductor Helmut Hodgens and I will give you persona tour of the train. Now please give me your tickets. “Mr. Montgomery looked around and got a closer look of every one now that they were closer. But a big man with old brown clothes, a long black beard and a hood particulary caught his eye. There was a name on his suitcase “Harrold Goodal”. Mr. Montgomery walked towards him and said “Hello, Mr. Goodal, right? What brings you here?” “I collect everything that has to do with magical creatures. We`ll see what I can add to my collection ” responded Mr. Goodal with a dark voice. “Tickets please, give me your tickets!” and so ended the in conversation. A few minutes later the conductor returned and asked for everybody`s attention. “Now please follow me for the tour. First, we start with the kitchen. You don´t have access to this wagon. The house elves are our cooks. Mrs. Manchester will bring you your meals. This is our waggon for hygiene. There we have sinks, showers and bathtubs. Now we`re reaching the bedroom waggon. Every bedroom has a door that can be locked at night. Thank you all for you attention, this is the end of the tour.” The tour took so long that the guests were already waiting in the dinner waggon. Twenty minutes later the meal, scotch collops, was served. Most wizards know it, it’s a famous dinner in the wizarding world.

After dinner everyone went to bed. Everyone but Mr. Goodal. He was still awake cleaning his weapons. Mr Montgomery got tired, went to bed and fell asleep. It was a rainy and windy night. Helmut Hodgens the conductor shouted: “Wake up, we have reached our first destination: Loch Ness!” Everyone woke up and went to breakfast. A British porridge with oats and fruits was served. The train driver came to see the guests and said “The train will be here for two days and after 11 pm the train will be closed!” “I want to kill the Kelpie in this Loch” said Harrold Goodal. Everyone was starring at him with eyes full of hate and fear. He then left the the train. Everybody was talking about him. Some people said that he was crazy, some feared him and some said he was not for real. A young lady asked:” What`s a Kelpie?” Mrs. Montgomery said “It´s an animal. It kind of looks like a horse covered with algae. The one in Loch Ness is the biggest ever found. It´s 5 meters long. A kelpie eats humans and can change its looks.” Then we better rescue this man.”, Responded the young lady. “It´s too dangerous!” shouted Mrs. Montgomery. “But what if we all go?” “Fine!” “Ready everyone?” Literally everyone went to the famous lake called “Loch Ness.” “Where´s Harrold? Harrold!” screamed Mr. Montgomery. “I think there´s only one way we can find out.”, said an old man while pulling  a big bottle filled with a potion called “Aqualgae” out of his backpack. “It´s enough for everybody so we can breath for an hour under water. Everyone except for me, I’m too old. Also, I know a spell to connect your minds with this spell you can feel if one of you dies. “Everyone ready?” “Mind incantate.” Everyone drank the potion and now they were ready. They jumped into the lake and it worked. They were able to communicate and breath underwater. It was pretty dark and you couldn’t see more than 6 meters in front of you. “Stupor” (a spell to catapult people away) yelled Mr. Montgomery. The red lightning hit a black water creature, it was thrown to the other side of the lake. A young witch saw something swimming towards the group: it looked like a big fish, but she remembered the words of Mrs Montgomery about the Kelpie and shouted “Stupor”. The fish turned himself into a water snake and  this was the moment she realised. “It’s the Kelpie.” Were her last words. Everyone felt a terrible pain in their chest. “Someone has died of a heart attack”, thought Mrs. Montgomery. Her husband swam deeper and deeper, interested in the tales he had heard as a little kid about the terrifying Kelpie as it got darker and darker. He was not dumb so he didn’t use the lumos spell (a spell to make light in the darkest corners) the kelpie would see him. Finally, he reached the ground of the lake and there it was the home of the kelpie. Everywhere bones, bones and Harrolds old jacket. A strong force pulled him out of the water it was the old wizard he said “I couldn’t let you die I had to pull you out.”Mrs. Montgomery ran towards her husband and kissed him. “I am glad you’re alive.” ”Harrold, I found his jacket. He’s dead. And the young witch, she had the heart attack.” “Obliviate” right in the moment as they turned to get back to the train. “What happened?” asked Mr. Montgomery. His wife responded “I don’t remember.”. Both had a terrible headache and a weird feeling in their stomachs. Mrs Montgomery looked at the time and said” It’s three in the morning”. Mr Montgomery said “I don’t know why, but we should make holidays in Scotland.”

Every Evening…

Hey, the scary story, which I am about to tell you is not made up! I experienced it and until now I haven´t told it anyone.

It started on Thursday afternoon. I just came back from school and I wasn´t in the mood to do my homework. Luckily, we had a long weekend. I wanted to ask my father to help me with my homework, but then, remembered that my parents weren´t at home and wanted to come back in two days. So, I took my phone out of the pocket of my jeans and asked my friend if she wanted to come over to me for the next days. And of course, she said yes right away. In less than four minutes she was standing at my door. Later, we decided to go to the video store and rent one or maybe two scary movies.  Hopefully, they wouldn`t be too scary.

In the evening, we watched the first movie. And then my best friend Anna had the great idea to order something to eat. I agreed and we ordered two small pizzas. As the doorbell rang, we knew that it was the delivery man. The delivery man reached out his hand for the money – as if he thought that I would bump the door into his nose without giving him the money. I found this behaviour very silly.

Outside, it was very cold and stormy because it was raining very strongly. As the door was closed, suddenly someone knocked on the door. But who was it? Maybe the delivery man again? As I had my hands full with the pizzas, I asked Anna to open the door. Anna opened the door as I just turned and heard Anna scream. I cringed and turned to the door – I was scared.

There was a completely skinny girl with messed up black hair and a pale face and her head down in front of us. She said in a begging, quiet and scary voice “I am hungry; can I have something to eat; a piece of bread?” We asked if she wanted to come inside – but she didn´t want to. Anna and I exchanged a conspiratorial look and looked back at the girl, but the girl disappeared without a trace.

Pretty scared and totally disturbed we sat on the couch and didn´t exchange a single word. We just dared to crawl into the bed. Anna fell asleep before me, as every time; but then, I fell asleep, too.

The next day, we went shopping; it was so cool. We bought two very pretty outfits – of course in a partnerlook. But this is not what it was about. When we wanted to go to the bus stop to get home, I noticed a little jumble sale with many pretty and old stands. I grabbed Anna and we went to one of them. As the two of us stood in front of the stand, we saw an old lady who turned to us. She was wearing an amulet which seemed to be very old; on the amulet there was a photo of a little pale girl. It was quiet. So quiet that I knew that my best friend saw the amulet, too.

So, I asked the old lady who the girl was. But she didn´t answer and as I told her that the girl had been begging at our house door yesterday evening, the old lady put up her head. That was a little bit scary. As I wanted to ask something else, Anna interrupted me and asked the old lady why her granddaughter was begging without shoes in such stormy weather so late in the evening. The old lady got angry, screamed at us and said that her granddaughter had died four years ago; she had drowned in a cruel way in a river. Anna and I didn’t want to say anything anymore; best not to say anything. It was bad, we ran as fast as we could because we had a bad feeling. We caught the bus home just on time. At home we wanted to distract ourselves with Netflix or YouTube. In the evening it knocked on the door again. A little bit hesitating and with a bad feeling of this afternoon, we went to the door and opened. The little girl was there again to beg for anything to eat. We were scared and asked the little girl: “Hey girl, you are dead, right?!” The girl leaned her head towards her shoulder and screamed:


And that was it. It was bad. I never wanted to be alone at home again!

….. every time the same again.

                                                       Jack the Killer

Today was the 7th December 2004 at 8:24 p.m. It was another rainy day, the clouds were gray and our place was covered with fog. You could only hear the rain splashing on the floor.

In addition, the news reported that a severe thunderstorm would come today. But that scared me less. At the moment, a killer was running around. The police had already tried to arrest him several times, but every time they had failed.

But what scared me even more was that his victims were all children aged 3–10 years. I was 9 years old! My mom had tried to explain me several times, that the police would get him. But I didn’t think that would happen. I thought my mum was afraid, but didn’t want to admit it so as not to unsettle me. My mum was saying that I had go to bed.

It was in the middle of the night at 2:46 a.m. I heard strange noises from our cellar. I was scared! I didn’t want to wake up mom because she would tell me that I was just imagining.

But I was sure: I had heard something. So I went to the cellar to look after. I first opened the door in the cellar where we stored our food. But there was nothing. After I had opened three more doors, I didn’t find anyone.

At the end, I decided to go back to bed, because today was school.

My whole body was shaking when I was back in bed. I was so afraid that I might have overlooked something in the basement and yet someone was there.

Meanwhile it was 3:13 a.m. I had just fallen asleep again, when suddenly it knocked on the front door. My clock was showing me the time and I was surprised. Nobody knocks on the front door at 5:03 a.m.

The stairs made noises when I walked down. I went to the front door and hid. From my position, you weren’t able to see me, but I could see everyone standing in front of the front door. There was a man in black clothes with brown hair. It was 

Jack the killer!

Now I was running to my mom and I was crying. Nobody of his victims had had the chance to survive when he had been already on the doorstep. My mum and I just hoped that we could still be saved. We were hiding in mom‘s bedroom.

Suddenly we finally saw the police, but Jack was already in our house!

He was looking for us. I was holding my mum as tightly as I hadn‘t  before in my whole life. Now she was also crying.

Jack had already killed my dad. That had been three years ago. When this happened, my mum and I had been not at home. But we had no idea that we would probably be killed by the same killer as my dad. Now the time was coming.

Jack was standing in front of us. He was holding a knife in his hand and stabbed us.

If you read about my fate and that of my mum, we are already dead!